Research deserves more

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It's amazing how many leaders of large corporations that are telling us we need to spend more money in research and development if we want to keep the United States of America globally competitive into the future. Not only are they suggesting that our government spends more money in R&D, they are also suggesting that corporations, small businesses, and other sectors of our economy do the same. However, we have a huge problem, and perhaps, you could call it leakage or shrinkage.

When we think of the word leakage, perhaps we think of an outdoor above ground swimming pool that has a hole in it and the water is leaking out. Perhaps, when we think of shrinkage, we think about employee pilferage in a large retail outlet, where inventory and product is sneaking out the back door because the employees are stealing it. Now then, if we consider the trade deficit with China, we know that we spending more money buying their goods, then they spend buying ours.

Well, the problem we have in the United States, and one of the reasons that I disagree with spending more money in research and development until this problem is solved. You see, the Chinese industrial espionage spies are stealing our technology and research almost as fast as we are creating it. Therefore, when we spend more money in R&D we are helping China steal more innovations, concepts, ideas, and inventions. So, I have to ask you; how does that help us in the United States of America, and why should I, as a taxpayer have to pay for that?

If we continue to spend taxpayer's money on alternative energy research and development - are we really helping America companies and American jobs in the future, or are we helping the Chinese. And this problem is two-fold; first, if we create new innovation in the United States, those companies will have the manufacturing done in China, and therefore, provide jobs to China and not the US. Secondly, if we have breakthrough technologies due to our R&D expenditures, the Chinese spies and there are over 5000 of them according to a recent US government, will simply steal it all. Please consider all this.