Our safety deserves more

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The United States is notorious for spending a tremendous amount of money on their defense budget. The Department of Defense gets hundreds of billions a dollars a year, more than almost any other program in the entire United States. More interesting, the United States has a defense budget that is more than half the world's defense budget. Fifty six percent of the world's defense spending is done right here in the good old United States of America.

People often ask why the budget is the way it is. Another thing that other people often say is that it is necessary for the United States to spend so much money because we have bases in the world. This article isn't one about our bases; however, that is one thing to take into consideration. So, we have two sides. Some say that we need to spend this money, but others say that it is unnecessary. Here's why so much money is spent.

The mentality of the United States, when it comes to their defense program, is because they are stuck in the Cold War even after so many years. We spent fifty years forty five years fighting this war with the Soviet Union without ever having to go into a heated war with them. It was a case of which nation could build the biggest bomb. The Soviet Union would win and then the United States would win and it would be a constant back and forth.

Because of this, there were programs that were put into place that the country didn't really need. However, how was the United States going to cut these programs when there were people who thought they were absolutely necessary? All of this started the ridiculous trend of programs being funded when they weren't even necessary. The United States was used to needing the biggest and the best and therefore, they invested in the best.

If the United States honestly wants to try and save some money, they need to stop spending money on a bunch of ridiculous programs. Getting rid of things like the F-22 and the Future Force Warrior program is one way of ensuring that we don't spend too much on our defense. Cutting these ridiculous programs will ensure that the money can go towards more important things.